• 2 Plus 2 Innovation Journey Silicon Valley & Walking Safari 

    Meet Silicon Valley innovators and digital disruptors, discover an innovative culture of dynamic start-ups, and explore the hottest technology trends impacting your industry.

    Tuesday, March 22th 2022, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    The Digital Fluency Mindset: A Superpower To Drive Gender Equality in Workspaces

    Automation and new digital technologies will change our future workplace tremendously. Simultaneously, as machines take over problem-solving, the most valuable employees will apply the emerging technologies to solve business challenges creatively. This requires a new digital mindset and power skills that are uniquely human. Now it's time for female professionals to use their superpower and gain a competitive advantage.

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    Wednesday, March 23th 2022, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm "

    Startups Shaping Logistics Post-Pandemic

    Get a glimpse into the future. Learn from the best start-up practices in Silicon Valley, explore the latest emerging technologies, and spark new ideas for your business.

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    Thursday, March 24th 2022, Innovation Journey Day 1 (Silicon Valley)

    8:00 am Pick up Hotel @Hyatt Regency

    8:30-10 am Meeting 1 (San Francisco)


    Why does it matter?

    With e-commerce booming, shipping and logistics companies are operating at max capacity. This means that every truck, pallet, and box must be packed quickly and efficiently for maximum utilization. In addition, the driver workforce is not trained and experienced staff. Every year, the industry is lacking 400 or 500 people, and so automation will be a key driver in improving the productivity in our industry as well as maintaining growth in the industry.


    Huge opportunities to interface between these conventional systems with wearable technologies that can enable the operator to be faster, error-free, and more efficient.

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    10:30 - 12:00 pm Meeting 2 (Silicon Valley)


    Why does it matter?

    Freight visibility provides fine details of the cargo, at any given moment. This helps companies to better identify bottlenecks or prepare for unexpected delays. Real-time visibility also offers a transparent experience for the customers. To know where things are, whether they are ready to be loaded, ready to be released from customs; you’ll enable the process to be much smoother, and it would impact not only your quality but also safety. We have around 175,000 containers and pallets moving around the globe. A lot of we are doing is about repositioning units where the airline wants them to be, so knowing where they are is very important.”

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    12:00 - 2:30pm

    Working Lunch @ Plug & Play in Sunnyvale.

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    2:30 pm - 4:00pm @AeroVect Expert Talk & Demo


    Why does it matter?

    Within airport logistics, there are numerous challenges these days: First is the labor shortage — you have crews turning over up to 160% at some hubs: workers come in, do their six months, and leave afterward to entirely different industries.

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    4:00 - 5:30 pm Meeting 5 Silicon Valley


    Why does it matter?
    Given the current growth rate for e-commerce during Covid, many more shipments will be taking a journey by aircraft and therefore, in ULDs, in the years ahead. This combination will yield a growing market for any solution that is successful.

    As warehouses become bigger, they also hold massive amounts of inventory. This requires workers to cover long distances and carry large weights throughout a workday. Collaborative robots or cobots are semi-autonomous machines that assist workers in carrying out their tasks, reduce physical labor, and improve worker safety. These robots are flexible and easily reprogrammable to undertake a diverse range of functions such as following workers as mobile storage bins or picking up items.
    Warehouse automation enables improvements in productivity and accuracy in intralogistics operations. Moreover, it also helps reduce labor costs and improve worker safety.

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    6:00 pm Sunset Drinks & Dinner

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    Friday, March 25th 2022, Innovation Journey Day 2 (San Francisco)

    9:00 am -12pm Innovation Walk "Innovate the Silicon Valley Way"

    To innovate the Silicon Valley Way, sometimes you just need to get out of the office!

    That’s why Matchlabn has created an “Innovation Walking Safari” for YOU!

    Discover the latest retail concepts “From URL to IRL” & emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and IoT through an experiential walking safari in Downtown & South of Market (SoMa). These are trending San Francisco districts which have developed over the last few years
    into the new startup hubs of the city.

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    12:00 pm - 1:30am "

    Matchlabn Debrief Session Innovation Journey & Working Lunch"

    The Digial Fluency Mindset: How to turn into an Innovation Agent in 6 steps.

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    Empowered by Matchlabn

    Simone Lis, founder of Matchlabn, empowers CEO's and their future workforce to develop new vital skills for our automated future. Through bespoke Innovation Journeys - online and offline - she and her team connect emerging technologists and thought leaders from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles to executives from abroad to obtain tech-savvy, creativity and collaboration skills. The goal is to teach, inspire and engage digital leaders of the future to create shared value for business and society.


    For more than 17 years, Simone has built up her network with deep links into the largest startup ecosystems in the world. Her understanding of cultural values - and differences - combined with her business acumen has enabled her to help numerous business innovate.


    Simone develops corporate innovation trainings for global brands, universities, consultancies and associations across a vast array of industries and has worked on projects for world-beating startups like AirBNB and Google for Entrepreneurs.