• We make learning about emerging technologies

    fun, inclusive & engaging!

    At MatchlabN, we specialize in corporate innovation consulting for CEOs and their teams to make them future-ready. We are also the creators of the Digital Fluency Mindset Method, which empowers women to become leaders in the digital age. Join our immersive learning experiences live in person, remotely, or in the Metaverse; We've got you covered.

  •  "Digital Fluency is a new mindset that, in addition to Digital Literacy, also combines unique, human skills such as Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Emotional Intelligence. 


    Digital Fluency is a mindset which has to be continioulsy trained like learning a new language.

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    Apply to MatchlabN

    Every application is hand-reviewed on a rolling basis, and you can typically expect a decision within 1 to 2 weeks. Recommendations from managers or existing MatchlabN members and alumni are encouraged, but not required.

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    The i-Agent Masterclass

    Once accepted, you will be able to participate in one of the 4 upcoming remote Masterclasses. Our cohort-based programs are designed to take you on an intense, guided educational journey with a diverse group of like-minded peers to level-up quickly. They are 5 weeks, remote, and led by innovators.

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    Year-Round Community

    Now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned in the Masterclass in our community and share your ideas with other like-minded peers. Join one of our Mastermind Circles and increase your accountability to move you and your company forward.

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    Innovation Journey

    Join us at one of our live Innovation Journeys in California to future-proof youself. Understand the impact of emerging technologies, make creative connections, and pull resources and people together to build a better world.

  • The MatchlabN Approach

    The collective intelligence of our members create practice-relevant content that is updated daily and can keep up with the rapid change of technology. When you join MatchlabN, you'll embark on an E. P. I. C. journey to unlock your Digital Fluency mindset. Instead on training hard skills, we focus on four uniquely human skill areas and combine it with Digital Literacy. Our approach helps you to overcome technology barriers, connect the dots and create digital solutions which are uniquely yours.

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    1. Emotional Intelligence

    Diverse mix of voices to foster innovation

    Membership includes participation in a 6-week cohort-based Masterclass as well as ongoing access to content in our community. Each quarter, MatchlabN hosts a new cohort with members who are diverse in industries, career levels, and life experiences. This enables revolutionary ideas, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

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    2. Play

    Safe Space for Experiential Learning

    By connecting experts from Silicon Valley and beyond as well as peers working on the same challenges, we build on top of everyone's insights to accelerate progress together. Collective Intelligence and collaboration becomes the main source of new knowledge, laying the groundwork for innovation and transformation in our community.

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    3. Insight-Out

    Reinforced learning through Circles & Storytelling

    MatchlabN hosts quarterly Mastermind Circles,. In 90 day sprints, a group of peers experiment with new ideas and hold each other accountable to get ideas out of their head and into the world.

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    4. Connections

    Authentic, deep connections for collaborative realtionships

    MatchlabN takes its members on Innovation Journeys from the comfort of their homes. Once a year, MatchlabN members have the possibility to meet in person in California to create authentic, deep connections with peers and innovators from Silicon Valley and beyond.

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    Be part of our Digital Fluency Movement!

    Sign-up for our free, interactive monthly workshops, talks playbooks and Silicon Valley insights about New Work, Future Skills and Digital Fluency!