Please note that this is an example of an agenda with the sort of companies we typically meet in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The final program will be ready and shared with the group latest one week prior to the event. Stay tuned!

    Sunday, November 17th 2019

    2:00 pm - 5:30 pm Sailing By the Bay

    Admire San Francisco and it's surrounding from the water on a sailing cruise. Get to know the other innovation leaders while you are sailing past the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, legendary Alcatraz Island and the hamlet of Sausalito.

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    6:00 pm Dreamforce Industry Tours Dinner

    Enjoy a wonderful dinner with all attendees of the Industry Tours in one of the best restaurants San Francisco has to offer.

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    Monday, November 18th 2019

    9:00 am - 10:00 am "AI for Personalization"

    The next era of fashion is all about personalization and prediction. Algorithms analyze collected data, such as past sales, user shopping patterns etc. and create designs that are most likely to be purchased in the future. With more and more data, algorithms will become trend hunters — predicting (and designing) what’s next in ways that have never been possible. Meet with one of the latest startup in this field and learn how AI, Machine Learning and Big Data will reshape the brand's approach to product design and development.

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    10:30 am - 11:30 am "Smart Virtual Fitting"

    It is inevitable that the fashion industry must innovate not only to create new shopping experiences, but also to reduce the negative impact it has on the environment. By implementing solutions like size recommendation or virtual try-on solutions it will bring data and intelligence to the shopping journey and make shopping more informed and dramatically reduce the return rates. Speak to one of the leading 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality startups and learn how they can help brands and retailers re imagine design, fit, and sizing in ways that have not before been possible paving the way for customization.

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    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Business Lunch "Mushroom Cloths"

    Better materials for a better world: meet one of the leading startups in this field and learn why spider silk or mushroom leather are just the beginning of an infinite number of new materials for the fashion industry inspired by the endless opportunities in nature.

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    1:30 pm - 2:30pm "Recycled Programs"

    As consumers today make room for new pieces of clothing, they are looking for green ways to get rid of unwanted products. Instead of simply encouraging consumption. fashion brands are now developing programs to help shoppers recycle old clothing - which at first seem counterintuitive to a lucrative business model. Meet with in-step recycling experts and learn how brands can integrate programs which re-imagine the end-to-end supply chain and embody eco-friendly lifestyle of their customers.

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    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm "Fashion meets Blockchain"

    In fashion, Blockchain has transformative potential for making the supply chain transparent, trackable and thus, more ethical for shoppers. By giving every commercially produced good a unique ID or "token" on a decentralized, distributed ledger, brands will be able to create end-to-end digital histories for all items in their inventories. Explore a technology startup in the inventory and distribution field and learn how new tracking methods inject transparency into the garment creation process.

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    4:30 pm - 5:30 pm "Experiential Shopping"

    Forward-thinking digital-first startups are creating new physical environments that allow shoppers to experience their products in more immersive and memorable ways. Some are incorporating pop-up shops, showrooms, workshops or other services to encourage experimentation and socializing: others are leveraging technologies like interactive display or Virtual reality to stimulate product discovery. In this session we will discover how brands or stores develop engaging physical environment to increase sales and create memorable experiences for customers.

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    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Retail expert talk with Daniel Kellmereit, CEO of Liganova USA "Future of Cities - Innovative Concepts for Turbulent Times"

    Cities are moving to center stage. Large urban areas are not only continuing to grow, they act as innovation hubs and social, cultural melting pots. However, almost all major cities have major challenges, from housing shortages and affordability crisis to dying real estate corridor. This presentation will focus on innovative concepts around retail, real estate and technology that are shaping the city of the future.

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    7:00 pm - 7:45pm "Matchlabn Debrief Session & Drinks"

    Before enjoying dinner, we discuss the day's events over drinks and with the latest CPG snacks made in San Francisco.

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    8:00 pm Retail Industry Dinner

    A wonderful dinner with other industry leaders is the best way to end a day full of inspiration.

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    Empowered by Matchlabn

    Simone Lis, founder of Matchlabn, empowers CEO's and their future workforce to develop new vital skills for our automated future. Through bespoke Innovation Journeys - online and offline - she and her team connect emerging technologists and thought leaders from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles to executives from abroad to obtain tech-savvy, creativity and collaboration skills. The goal is to teach, inspire and engage digital leaders of the future to create shared value for business and society.


    For more than 17 years, Simone has built up her network with deep links into the largest startup ecosystems in the world. Her understanding of cultural values - and differences - combined with her business acumen has enabled her to help numerous business innovate.


    Simone develops corporate innovation trainings for global brands, universities, consultancies and associations across a vast array of industries and has worked on projects for world-beating startups like AirBNB and Google for Entrepreneurs.