Every Innovation Journey is bespoke based on your goals

    Blockchain Impacting Healthcare

    Blockchain technology is often thought of as synonymous to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as that is its most widely-reported use. However, Blockchain technology is an entity of its own, where ledgers of digital data can be shared and secured in a public, decentralized forum. Meet the latest Blockchain startups to understand how this technology operates and its applications and usability for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

    Health Impact of Big Data & AI

    Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are one of the most important traits of biological studies. Meet startups in this field and learn how data from research, diseases and treatment is collected and understood. See how AI detects patterns and makes predictions from clinical trials and other medical data.





    Printing the Future

    3D Bioprinting makes it possible to print replacement skin, bone, muscle and even organs. The technology uses so-called “bioink” material to create tissue-like structures layer-by-layer. Discover how experts in this field print pills and drugs on-demand at much lower cost.

    Clean Food Revolution

    Synthetic Biology makes it possible to eat "meat" or produce leather without killing animals and producing greenhouse gas production. Meet startups in this space and learn how synthetic biology can also increase the production of chemicals, fuels, and materials from renewable biomass.

    Transforming Training & Learning

    Mixed Reality technologies can project a detailed interactive 3D simulation of human organs in a virtual environment. Meet with the latest VR and AR startups and see how immersive technology will help train surgeons, medical students and employees in the future.

    Your Key Theme?

    Is there another topic to explore? Let us know what you are working on and we will define a bespoke themed Innovation Journey for you.





    Please note that this is an example of an agenda with the sort of companies we typically meet. Matchlabn develops a customized Innovation Journey based on the interest of the attendees and their business challenges. This is an example agenda for San Francisco:

    8:00 am Kick-off Breakfast & Intro to the day

    Matchlab n founder will take you through what you can expect from the program for the day and give the opportunity to raise specific topics and questions that you would like covered by the experts we meet.

    9:30 am Connect the World's Health Data

    Datavent uses healthcare data to improve patient outcomes while protecting patient privacy.


    11:30 am Blockchain Enterprise Supply Chains

    Chronicled is on a mission to bring more trust into supply chains by facilitating the creation of trusted and fully decentralized industry ecosystems.

    1:00 pm Clean Meat Lunch

    Meet the founders of New Age Meat and test the first lab-grown sausage made without killing animals.

    2:30 pm Wearable Stress Tracker

    Listen to your body. Lief is a smart patch which measures your heart and breath to track your stress levels in real-time, using a clinically-proven biomarker of stress called heart rate.

    4:00 pm The House that Spores Built

    Talk to the founder of Mycoworks who believes that wood fungus is going to be one of the major engines for manufacturing in the 21st century.

    6:00 pm Debrief Session

    Before enjoying dinner, we discuss the day's events over a cocktail in a hidden bar in the heart of San Francisco.