Every Innovation Journey is bespoke based on your goals

    Personalization at Scale

    Knowing who your shoppers are and anticipating what your customers will purchase next is key to drive sales. Meet the latest AI startups and hear first-hand how to bring retail, e-commerce and technology together in a cohesive experience for your shoppers.

    Tech Transforming Retail

    Chatbots, Voice, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 3D Printing - learn how the latest emerging technologies can help your retail businesses make your processes more efficient, enhance user experience and offer an improved overall customer value proposition.


    Marketing to Gen Z

    Speak to branding experts and learn how to target your young shoppers directly. How do you stand out in a landscape full of retailers competing for attention? And how can you use innovative storytelling to build identity and awareness?





    Immersive Shopping Experience

    As brick-and-mortar stores increasingly face challenges due to the rise of eCommerce, traditional stores have transformed into showrooms. Discover the latest retailers re-defining the in-store experiences such as experimenting with Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality. The new technologies provide a new, previously unthinkable, way for retailers to connect with their shoppers.


    Data & Retail Analytics

    Retailers today produce more data than ever, but their massive data pools don’t always translate into unique insights. Meet the latest Big Data and Predictive Analytic startups who will show you how to find actionable information that will help you not only track what is currently selling but also what will sell in the future.

    Your Key Theme?

    Is there another topic to explore? Let us know what you are working on and we will define a bespoke themed Innovation Journey for you.







    Please note that this is an example of an agenda with the sort of companies we typically meet. Matchlabn develops a customized Innovation Journey based on the interest of the attendees and their business challenges. This is an example agenda for San Francisco:

    8:00 am Kick-off Breakfast & Intro to the day

    Matchlab n founder will take you through what you can expect from the program for the day and give the opportunity to raise specific topics and questions that you would like covered by the experts we meet.

    9:30 am Better data, better decisions

    Wiser helps retailers and brands turn omnichannel data into action that increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves marketing effectiveness.

    11:30 am Immersive Performance Training

    Meet the team from STRIVR and see in action how other retailers use the platform to create, manage, and deploy virtual training on all aspects of store operations.

    1:00 pm A new kind of Burger Lunch

    Watch a robot craft your burger from start to finish. This assembly line style machine is cooking at Creator restaurant in San Francisco.

    2:30 pm Transparency in every bite

    Speak to Ripe.io and learn how to alter the trajectory of the food system through blockchain technology and the Internet of Things.

    4:00 pm Autonomous Powertool

    One in ten products is not on shelves when it should be. Say hello to Tammy, the latest retail robot designed by Simbe who can help you fix this problem autonomously.

    6:00 pm Debrief Session

    Before enjoying dinner, we discuss the day's events over a cocktail in a hidden bar in the heart of San Francisco.