• "Innovate like Silicon Valley" - a hands-on training for CEOs & Senior Executives

    We find and connect emerging technologists from California to innovative leaders from abroad through our bespoke Innovation Journeys. Discover the latest emerging technologies such as Artifical Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics and IoT in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Develop new ideas and connect to other like-minded industry executives to create shared value for business and society. You and your executive team obtain the knowledge and vital skills to navigate the digital shift.


    Be part of our global community of new digital leaders and bring in the value of HUMAN TOUCH in a world of AUTOMATION! That's Matchlabn!




  • Goals of the Innovation Journey

    • Applied learning through best practice cases and Silicon Valley methodologies.
    • Fuel ideas and understand how to turn them into services or new products.
    • Gain an understanding of emerging technologies and their potential.
    • Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and enable your workforce to become "Digital Leaders", too.
    • Infuse startup-energy from California into your corporate culture of innovation. 
    • Collaborate, connect and exchange ideas with other international leaders, technologists and thought leaders. 




    • YOU need to stay ahead of the curve.
    • WE spot emerging tech trends early and create easily digestible content.


    • YOU need new ideas for your business.
    • WE help you developing new ideas for your business.


    • YOU have to empower your future workforce and find new talents.
    • WE help you train students and intrapreneurs to develop vital skills for the future.


    • YOU want to create shared value on a bigger scale.
    • WE fill that gap: tap into our network & collaborate.


  • Empowered by Matchlabn

    Simone Lis, founder of Matchlabn, empowers CEO's and their future workforce to develop new vital skills for our automated future. Through bespoke Innovation Journeys - online and offline - she and her team connect emerging technologists and thought leaders from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles to executives from abroad to obtain tech-savvy, creativity and collaboration skills. The goal is to teach, inspire and engage digital leaders of the future to create shared value for business and society.


    For more than 17 years, Simone has built up her network with deep links into the largest startup ecosystems in the world. Her understanding of cultural values - and differences - combined with her business acumen has enabled her to help numerous business innovate.


    Simone develops corporate innovation trainings for global brands, universities, consultancies and associations across a vast array of industries and has worked on projects for world-beating startups like AirBNB and Google for Entrepreneurs.

  • Martin Nitsche

    President of German Direct Marketing Association

    "For now the third time, Simone Lis curated an unforgettable DDV Innovation Journey to Los Angeles and CES. After having explored Silicon Valley with her in previous years, she showed us the latest startup ecosystem in Silicon Beach: it was a great combination of exciting company visits such as YouTube, BadVR and Snapchat, newest retail and restaurant concepts and VR experiences. Every tour has been carefully designed and customized to the group’s interest. This makes her tours so unique and her engagement so passionate - that’s also why we continue to offer these West Coast "DialogTours” to our members.”

    Marcus Wailersbacher,


    "...we were delighted to work with Simone Lis

    to support us with curating and organizing a
    Fashion Innovation Journe that
    DEFACTO and
    Salesforce were hosting together. (...)

    So when our C-level tour kicked off, it was thanks to Simone that many doors opened up, from business clubs to startups and one of the leading universities. (...) The journey was a
    great success, all participants rated this trip a
    valuable top-tier experience.”

    Ulrich Schaefer,

    Chief Business-Editor
    Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Co-Author "Deutschland Digital" & Kolumnist "Das deutsche Valley"

    "Whilst researching our new German book

    "Germany digital: Our answer to
    Silicon Valley"
    in San Francisco we met
    Simone Lis, a corporate innovation
    expert. Simone not only combines being a
    German native with a California resident
    who understands cultural values, but she
    was able to explain in an inspiring way
    the secrets of Silicon Valley.”