• For Professionals who want to future-proof themselves!

    How to turn into an Innovation Agent in 6-weeks

    Level up your digital skills, be more human  & rewrite your career to find more joy in everything you do

  • The Innovation Agent is a proven Silicon Valley framework to capture different ideas and concepts for reinventing a digital solution that is uniquely yours. But unlike other online courses, you will put your learnings into practice by joining other like-minded peers in the MatchlabN community. 

    Here is where your transformational learning journey starts and never ends!  

  • Does this sound like you?

    If YES, welcome to MatchlabN!

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    My superpower as a kid was creativity. But, when I grew up, it somehow turned into expert knowledge. That's when I decided to foster more on my uniquely human skills.

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    I've all these hidden talents, but my boss, colleagues, and industry peers do not see it. That's when I started to level up my visibility and make my profile more colorful.

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    I'm passionate about my job, which pays my bills but I realized I want more in life. That's when I decided to make a significant impact in my particular area.

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    I constantly want to learn new things and experiment, or I get quickly bored. That's when I started to actively seek out challenges that are way beyond my job description.

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    I feel so depressed at work because I don't want to accept anymore "this is the way we have always done it". That's when I decided to find other like-minded peers who also questioning the status quo.

  • "We don't exclude people at MatchlabN, but we actively and intentionally INCLUDE professional women." Simone Lis, Founder MatchlabN

  • How it works

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    Join one of our quarterly Cohorts

    The Masterclass consists of 6 modules taught weekly LIVE on Zoom by MatchlabN Founder Simone Lis and co-hosted by Community Designer Jenna Fuentes.

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    Collaboration & Accountability

    In addition to the live sessions, there will be also an optional live co-working session for the Matchlabn community with Silicon Valley founders, thought leaders, and Alumni mentors. The goal is to work together and hold each other accountable.

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    Practice in the Communty

    Get free access to our invite-only MatchlabN community to implement your learnings. For each part of the Masterclass, we will provide templates and resources that will help you apply the principles.

  • What members are saying about MatchlabN

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    "Yes, it was hard to spend another two extra hours after work on Zoom each week, but it was worth it. It is a highly interactive and engaging community - not just an online course."

    Jasmine Werner, expert for New Work at Axel Springer SE & Co-host of the Happy Works Podcast.

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    "In today's world, we have to stay fluid in our thinking, we can't be rigid. (...) The one thing for me is to embrace the openness to learn about new technologies. Connecting with MatchlabN was one of the best things I could do for myself.

    Laleh Shahideh, Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Fransico.

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    "The innovative approach behind MatchlabN is the global network. - a continuous learning journey for those, who want to have an impact on things that really matter."

    Gloria Grabinski, Innovation Management and Business Development at Volkswagen AG.

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    Feb 1st - March 8th

    NEXT Cohort 3

    "Can Technology make us more human?"

    Every Tuesday at 
    6:30 - 8:00pm CET 
    Masterclass available in English and German.  

    •  How emerging technologies will shape the workplace of the future?
    • Can technology make us more Emotional Intelligent?
    • How does the "Metaverse" impact our future life and work?
    • What are the latest tools and methods to increase collaboration and communication skills in our new hybrid work model?

    Join the waitlist for updates on Cohort 3!

  • Here is what we cover in our 6-weeks Masterclass



    Get to know each other and get familiar with tools and community,


    Solve Better Problems

    How to combine Critical Thinking with Emotional Intelligence and use technology as an enabler.


    The Innovation Radar

    How to surf the accelerating tech wave and shift our minds into a source of abundance.


    Connect The Dots

    How to boost combinatorial Innovation by exploring, questioning, and connecting the dots.


    The Innovation Journey

    How to make creative connections to create a digital solution that is uniquely yours.


    The Innovation Agent

    How to tell your story that inspires others to also think about the digital future we want to live in.

  • What results can you expect after 6 weeks?

    The Masterclass is the start of your bespoke Innovation Journey, which will never end. So join our community and you will start to:

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    Solve Better Problems

    Combine Critical Thinking with Emotional Intelligence and use technology as an enabler.

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    Connect the Dots

    Boost combinatorial Innovation by exploring, questioning, and connecting the dots.

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    Built a global network of digital aliens

    Use Storytelling to build genuine, authentic global connections with innovators around the world.

  • Hi, I'm Simone Lis

    Over ten years ago, I arrived in Silicon Valley with a suitcase and an idea. Against the advice of my family, I exchanged my steady but unfulfilling corporate management career in Germany for my California dream.


    I founded MatchlabN, a community-driven corporate development program to train Digital Fluency. This new mindset combines Digital Literacy with uniquely human skills like Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.


    I turn professionals into energizing, empathetic Innovation Agents of their job. The goal is to think about the future we want to live in and use technology as an enabler of change to create it.


    In the past, my Silicon Valley leadership programs for C-Level clients were not diverse and inclusive. In 2020, I decided to change this. With my new community approach, I'm not excluding anyone, but I'm actively and intentionally including women.


    Seeing these women's transformations in my community within a couple of months, I genuinely believe Digital Fluency has the power to accelerate Equality in the workplace. That's why I founded MatchlabN.

  • A

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    Jasmin Werner

    Alumna Cohort 1 &

    MatchlabN Ambassador

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    Gloria Grabinski

    Alumna Cohort 1 &

    MatchlabN Ambassador

    In today's dynamic world, it's a challenge to maintain a profound knowledge in relevant areas such as innovation and digitalization. Especially for C-Levels & decision-makers, this is an essential part of future-oriented corporate management. The innovative approach behind MatchlabN is the network. It builds on the knowledge transfer and encourages entrepreneurial and personal growth within an environment of international high-potentials - a continuous learning journey for those, who want to have an impact on things that really matter.

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    Yvonne Koerner

    Alumna Cohort 1 &
    MatchlabN Ambassador

    "I don't know any other professional development program which combines a Masterclass with a community program to train Digital Fluency. It's like a club for "curious lifelong learners"! It's valuable for everyone, who is interested in innovation, technologies and digitalization. But first of all, it should be interesting for C-Level and decision makers, because they have to understand what's going on and need an overview about all the new technologies. Without this know-how, they can't make right, responsible and future making decisions. But most of us don't find the time and energy to educate ourselves with a full-time job or don't know where to start - MatchlabN has you covered! "


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    Laura Kania

    Graduate Masterclass &

    MatchlabN Ambassador

    "Apart from C-Level & decision makers, I think the program is beneficial to anyone interested in innovation. From interns to CEOs, anyone who strives at continious education and wants to bring continiously new input and ideas into the company to supercharge their career."

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    Jenna Fuentes

    Community Designer &

    MatchlabN Ambassador

    "The MatchlabN program is unique in terms of combining content around innovation, technologies and human intelligence and mixing it with Design Thinking, emerging technologies, Innovation Journeys and problem solving methodologies. It's a interactive program where you learn in 5 weeks a practical step-by-step framework that supports an innovative project at the end in one's company or personal goal.”


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    MatchlabN is an English-speaking community for Corporate Professionals from a range of backgrounds at all levels of seniority. It's a "club for lifelong learners" who are curious about innovation, emerging technologies, and combining it with Emotional Intelligence. Therefore, we use the latest community design & collaboration tools which lets us create authentic human connections globally. We don't exclude men but we include especially women to apply.


    After interviewing our applicants, we figured out that all our members have the following characteristics in common:

    • want to make a significant impact in their area
    • are passionate about collaborating with global peers
    • are dedicated to growing personally and professionally
    • have a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge
    • are excited about the future and social impact trends 
    • like to have deep and meaningful conversations
    • are open to new perspectives outside their industry
    • and finally, want to surround themselves with other positive influencers and like-minded peers


    Join like-minded leaders dedicated to develop Digital Fluency, collaborate and growing alongside their peers

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    i-Agent Essential


    6-week Masterclass

    + 6 months access to invite-only MatchlabN Comunity

    Certificate of Completion









    EUR 1.400*

    per member


    *There is a 14-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.



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    i-Agent Premium


    Everything in Essential

    ----- plus ------

    + 12 months access to invite-only MatchlabN Comunity

    90-day Mastermind Circle
    with Simone Lis
    + 1 seat in annual LIVE remote Innovation Journey & Q&A

    EUR 3.000*

    per member / year


    *There is a 14-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. Your membership will renew annually.if you actively opt-in.


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    i-Agent Executive

    Everything in Premium

    ----- plus ------


    Kick-of 60 Min 1:1 Call
    with Simone Lis
    + 1 seat in our annual LIVE in-person 5-day Innovation Journey in California and CES beginning of January 2023*
    (*accomodation and int.flights not included in price)
    Limited to 10 participants

    EUR 6.000*

    per member / year


    *There is a 14-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Your membership will renew annually if you actively opt-in.

  • We want your investment to be 100% risk free

    If you engage with the Masterclass course materials, attend the live sessions, yet are unsatisfied in any way, we will refund your purchase.

    And if you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, we will roll you forward into a future cohort and zero additional cost.

    However, part of what makes our Innovation Agent masterclass work is the financial accountability. If you do not engage with the course materials or fail to take action during the course, this does not qualify for a refund.

  • FAQs

    Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

  • Active your learning in our Community

    A club for curious life long learners committed to bringing new knowledge and ideas back to their company continuously.

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    Innovation Agent Circles


    MatchlabN coaches and supports the dissemination of the knowledge back into the corporation through small curated accountability peer groups. Each quarter we dive deeper into one emerging technology.

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    Learn from global innovators

    Every month we invite global startup founders, investors, thought leaders and leading CEOs into our community to learn from success stories.

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    Curated Resources

    Supercharge your career

    We scout and curate podcasts, software, collaboration tools, books, articles and contacts to assist our members' projects.


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    Exclusive Tech-Knowledge

    Keep up with the speed of Tech

    Members get access to a growing library of exclusive resources, videos and case studies which can't be found on Google.

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    Wisdom of the Crowd

    From Peer-2-Peer

    The community provides a private, safe place to share their knowledge, ideas, experiment with the latest technologies, engage in meaningful conversations and collaborate with like-minded leaders from around the world.


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    Experimentation Lab

    Test new tools with other peers

    We give members exclusive early access to the beta trials and services offered by vetted startups in our network. We help members take action.