Do you still remember what the Internet was like in 1995? What about in 2005? Things we take for granted today, e.g., the Internet, have at one time been where the Metaverse is today. We have heard much about the Metaverse, but what is it exactly? What does it mean for the industry? There are so many questions yet to answer. So let's get out of the office and take a glimpse into the future!

  • What You Will Get

    1-Day | 5 Sessions | Small Group | In Person | Miami | Nov 7th 2022

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    One Day Full Of Inspiration

    Attend five Metaverse startup sessions disrupting freight, logistics, and supply chain. Transfer between visits is included.

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    Investor Lunch & Learn

    Learn more about the startup ecosystem and market trends from an investor's point of view. Meet Andreesen Horowitz, Plug & Play, The Venture Reality Fund, or other big players.

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    VR Field Trip & Experience

    To understand the Metaverse, you have to experience it. So join us for a bespoke immersive session to get a first-hand experience.

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    Debrief Dinner

    Every MatchlabN Innovation Journey ends with a debrief industry dinner where we foster networking and collaboration.

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    NFT Certificate

    We create NFTs as educational certificates that our participants can display publicly as a cutting-edge online library of experiences.

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    Access to MatchlabN community

    Get an invite to the MatchlabN community for executive leaders who want to stay connected and prepare for the future.

  • What You Will Learn?

    Hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies to learn more about the hottest Metaverse industry trends.

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    Gain a deeper understanding of Blockchain technology, AR, VR, NFTs, and other Metaverse tech enablers disrupting the industry.

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    Exchange knowledge and insights with like-minded industry peers and thought leaders.

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    Brainstorm business opportunities and ideas in the Metaverse, and put your aha moments into practice back in the office.  

  • Sample Agenda

    Monday, November 7th, 2022, Miami Beach Convention Center

    This is a sample agenda; Participating speakers and startups vary from program to program based on the cohort's interest and can't be guaranteed in advance for any particular Innovation Journey. However, to give you an idea of what a final day of an Innovation Journey can look like, check out the agenda from our last Innovation Journey in Silicon Valley "Digitize the future of freight, logistics and supply chain."

    8:00 am @Miami Beach Convention Center


    Simone Lis, Founder of MatchlabN, will take you through what you can expect, and participants get invited to raise specific questions that would like to be covered by the experts we meet.

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    09:00 am Session 1: Immersive VR experience

    The Future of Work

    To understand the Metaverse, you have to experience it! Get your avatar ready, immerse yourself, and meet your industry peers in a fun and interactive workspace of the future. Learn from thought leaders in this space why VR is such a powerful solution that leads to greater employee engagement and productivity.

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    10:30 am Session 2: Meet a Startup

    The New Customer Meta Journey Disrupting Supply Chain

    The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world in which everyone can live experiences in real-time - work, interact, trade, play - through an avatar. It opens up a new exchange channel between companies, and customers, making it possible to interact with virtual products from the real world or before they materialize. So how will the Metaverse change how we interact with customers and vendors, and what does it mean for freight, logistics, and supply chain?

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    12:00 pm Session 3: "Investor Lunch & Learn"

    Miami - The new booming Hub of crypto, NFT, and Web 3

    Miami is a rapidly growing innovative tech hub and one of the new capitals of the crypto world. Its entrepreneurship ecosystem attracts thousands of blockchain innovators and Crypto, NFT, and Web3 startup founders worldwide. As a result, more investor companies are moving south and opening new offices. Join us for a "Lunch & Learn" session about the new markets in the crypto industry and major fintech trends.

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    3:00 pm Session 4: Meet a Startup

    The Future Supply Chain Planning

    Now that just about everything else is becoming virtual, would you like to view your entire supply chain on your laptop or VR goggles? There are millions of variables and points of failure in any supply chain. Humans can't predict and respond to these events on time. Therefore visualization is excellent, but not if you have to visualize tens of millions of variables. The solution: Creating a virtual supply chain (VSC).

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    4:30 pm Session 5: Meet a Startup

    AI-Powered MetaHumans

    Learn why the Metaverse isn’t just about spaces; it’s about connections and the community—interactions with real and AI personalities. If you’ve got the technology, software, or a platform that requires a higher level of human touch and engagement, then digital humans have an answer. Get inspired by how companies can engage with technology like autonomous animation to connect with their customers and employees in a new and revolutionary way.

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    6:00 pm Networking Dinner


    A wonderful private industry dinner is the best way to end a day full of inspiration. Enjoy delicious food, drinks, and beautiful conversations, featuring authentic American dishes inspired by the local Miami cuisine.

    Impressions from our last "2Plus2" Innovation Journey in Silicon Valley


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  • How Do We Curate An Innovation Journey? 

    MatchlabN Innovation Journeys are customized based on the real challenges of our attendees. Our cohorts typically have up to 20 Executive Leaders to create an intimate space that fosters knowledge sharing, business opportunities, and potential partnerships. We use a proven 4-step MatchlabN process: 


    Innovation Radar

    In our onboarding kick-off session, we will discuss the key themes and goals of the Innovation Journey.



    Based on the pre-defined Innovation Radar, MatchlabN starts scouting for exciting technology startups.



    The most interesting startups become the program around which MatchlabN organizes the schedule and logistics.


    Innovation Journey

    We will visit five startups, including an immersive VR experience, a "Lunch & Learn", and debrief dinner at the end of the day.

  • "(...) The Innovation Journey was one of the best things I've ever participated in"

    Alex Lennane, publisher, journalist and director at The Loadster

    The Loadster published a series of short articles about the startups we met in Silicon Valley, looking at new technologies potentially suitable for the industry.

  • Why Miami?

    The "Magic City" is the new tech mecca for NFT & Web 3

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    Miami has long been renowned as a global hub of art and culture. But over the last decade, the city's innovation and enterprising reputation have not only grown, but it has become the new tech mecca for NFT and Web 3. As the "gateway to Latin America," it's no wonder more entrepreneurs worldwide are starting to move west because of Miami's diversity, lifestyle, bohemian culture, and community. The Magic City is now a major innovation center for blockchain, NFT, and Web 3. As a result, Miami is the perfect startup ecosystem for our participants to host a Metaverse Innovation Journey.

  • Matchlabn Wall of Love

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    Book your Seat Now

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    Join us on one of our bespoke MetaJourneys in Miami on November 7th, 2022. Learn about the latest tech trends, develop new business ideas, and connect to other link-minded executives.
    What is included:
    - Executive Program of 5 Startup Visits
    - Transfer between visits
    - VR Experience
    - Business Lunch
    - Networking Dinner "Miami-style"
    - Program support with a MatchlabN representative

    MatchlabN Cancellation Policy:
    Before purchasing tickets, carefully review the event. Participants who need to cancel must do so at least 30 days before the Innovation Journey date.

    • Cancelations made at least 30 days before the event will receive a refund. Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.
    • Cancelations made less than 30 days before the event will NOT receive a refund unless the Innovation Journey gets canceled by MatchlabN. 
    • Registration modifications to indicate a substitute participant from the company must be completed at least seven business days before the Innovation Journey date.

    The minimum number for our Innovation Journey to take place is 15 people.

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    Curated by Matchlabn

    Simone Lis, the founder of MatchlabN empowers CEOs and their future workforce, particularly women, to get future-ready. Through bespoke cohort-based innovation programs, she creates unique learning experiences - in the Metaverse, hybrid, or live in-person. Therefore she connects emerging technologists and thought leaders from global startup hotspots to Executive Leaders from abroad to help them connect the dots and navigate the future.
    For more than 20 years, Simone has built up her network with deep links into the most prominent startup ecosystems in the world. As a native German living in California, her understanding of cultural values and differences, combined with her business acumen, has enabled her to help numerous businesses innovate.
    Simone develops bespoke innovation programs for global brands, universities, fair organizers, and associations across various industries and has worked on projects for world-beating startups like Airbnb and Google for Entrepreneurs.